What is 7/12

7/12 extract is actually a village forma available at talathi(village accountant) variously known as Patwari, patnaik.
This form is also called Record of Rights( ROR) and Registered of Crops. Land holder’s point of view this is the most important form of village level.

Record of rights having different names in different state like 7/12 in Maharashtra, khata-khasara in Bihar,khasara – khatauni in chatisgarh,Jamabandi in Haryana ,patta chitta in Tamil nadu, pahani in Karnataka etc…

There are different classes according to the possession of land..

A Occupants – Class I
Hold unalienated land in perpetuity and without any restrictions on the right to transfer

B. Occupants – Class II,
Immediately before the commencement of this Code hold land in full occupancy or Bhumiswami rights without any restrictions on the right to transfer in accordance with the provisions of any law relating to land revenue in force in any part of the State immediately before
C. Government lessees (class III)
Means a person holding land from government under a lease as provided by section 38 M.L.R Code 1966.